Heartland - Season 5 Episode 5

Know More About This Episode: A multi-generational saga set in Alberta, Canada and centered on a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times.

Genre: Drama

Country: Canada

Episode: 5/229 eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 8.4

Season 1 - Heartland
"Amy and Lou Fleming, and their grandfather Jack, deal with life after their mother's death while a new ranch hand, Ty Borden, comes to live and work at Heartland."
"Lou sends an uncured horse back to its owner, which causes friction with Amy. Ty builds Amy a jumping ring and Jack decides to keep Ty on at Heartland."
"High profile horse breeder Lisa Stillman asks Amy to help her with her horse, Promise. Lou holds a Heartland Open House to help bring in business."
"Ben Stillman arrives at Heartland and his treatment of his horse Red angers everyone. Ashley lures Ty to Briar Ridge with a job offer."
"Lou decides to make a promotional video for Heartland. Ty's new job at Briar Ridge isn't going as planned. Scott gets Amy to help with a wild pony."
"Lou's boyfriend Carl arrives at Heartland with a couple of different proposals for Lou. His welcome, however, is both hot and cold."
"Lou isn't pleased when a neighbouring rancher brings a pregnant mare named Melody to stay at Heartland. Ty is astonished when Jack asks him to join him on a cattle roundup."
"The pressure is on when a famous race horse, Gallant Prince, is sent to Heartland to see if it can be rehabilitated."
"An old girlfriend of Ty's shows up at Heartland and stirs up trouble. Lou is reunited with Sugarfoot, Mrs. Bell's miniature horse."
"Nick Harwell arrives to train Ben but becomes interested in buying Spartan. Mallory thinks Lou plans to re-home Copper and runs away with him, only to discover a plot to sell wild mustangs."
"Tim's visit to Heartland causes sibling rivalry between Lou and Amy. Jack takes Lisa Stillman fishing on their second date."
"Disaster strikes when the barn erupts into flames and Jack's badly hurt getting the horses to safety."
"Amy finds herself working with the enemy when Ashley asks for her help. Amy's also preparing Spartan for the Fall Finale while Lou decides what to do about a job offer in New York."
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Season 2 - Heartland
"It's been four months since Ty's sudden and unexplained departure, and Amy has moved on and become used to working with Caleb Odell, Heartland's new stable hand. With Amy's 16th birthday just days away, Lou is busy planning a surprise birthday party for her sister."
"When Ty comes back to Heartland, he quickly realizes that profound changes have occurred in his absence. Caleb, the new ranch hand, seems to have taken over both his job and his place in Amy's heart."
"When Tim gives Amy a beautiful Grand Prix jumper for her birthday, she's forced to make a difficult choice between a career in show jumping and her work at Heartland."
"The spring cattle drive is a much-anticipated event, and Lou hustles everyone out of the house at the crack of dawn for a secret all-day date with Scott. Simmering tensions rise to the surface as Amy seems more interested in getting roping tips from Caleb instead of riding with Ty."
"Lou is forced to reconsider her choice to live and work at Heartland when her former New York colleagues arrive for a weekend equine retreat. Amy is unsure whether she can trust Ty."
"Out for a ride along the river, Amy comes across an RCMP officer desperately trying to save a young boy from drowning. Scott misinterprets Nick Harwell's polo match invitation to Lou as a date. Mallory seeks Jack's advice on how to deal with her love life."
"With the annual Hudson Heritage Rodeo looming, everyone at Heartland gets roped into the action. Jack and Tim are forced to work together on the planning committee. Meanwhile, Lou is grooming Soraya to compete in the Queen of The Rodeo competition."
"In the middle of a heat wave, a cattle truck loaded with thirsty and overheated horses pulls into Heartland. Ty can hardly believe his eyes when the driver turns out to be his dad."
"Ty asks Amy to give their relationship another chance. Ashley makes a decision that surprises her mother and Lou. Cattle rustlers hit Big River Ranch, and the situation gets out of hand."
"When Amy's teacher brings a horse named Boxer to Heartland, Amy learns a valuable lesson about fathers and daughters. Ty and Kit seem to be blissfully happy together. Lou catches Constable Rodriguez with another woman."
"When Hollywood comes to Heartland, Amy is so starstruck, she loses track of what's really important in her life."
"Lisa meddles in Lou's business and personal life with disastrous results. Lisa brings a \"cursed\" horse for Amy to treat. The beautiful Andalusian named Diva Girl has been returned to Lisa by multiple owners."
"Lou goes head to head with Big Alberta Oil when seismic surveyors force their way onto Heartland."
"Clint brings two tough kids on probation to Heartland forcing Ty to deal with a part of his past he'd rather forget."
"Lou resurrects the Hudson Derby, stirring up an age-old grudge match between Jack and Tim."
"Amy resorts to desperate measures when her horse Spartan is mysteriously stolen and reappears sold to Wes, the man who set fire to the Heartland barn."
"Amy heads into the mountains to visit a First Nations horse healer named Victor Whitetail, and leaves with a new understanding about horses, her mom and herself."
"Ty and Amy are finally forced to deal with their feelings for each other after a snowstorm strands them at Jack\u2019s fishing cabin in the mountains."
Season 3 - Heartland
"Amy is thrust into the limelight when she performs a miracle on a traumatized horse and a video of the event is posted online."
"Amy finds herself caught in the middle of a family crisis when she tries to help a girl and her horse recover from what appears to be a freak accident."
"Jack's truck is on its way to rust bucket heaven, forcing him to find the courage to say goodbye to a part of his past."
"Amy and Ty spend the night in the \"haunted\" Hanley barn, trying to get to the bottom of a mystery."
"In the hopes of impressing Ashley, Caleb takes lessons in bulldogging from former rodeo champion Tim, who stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that he may no longer have what it takes. Kit and Ty sort out their lingering break-up issues as Ty assists Scott with the delivery of Kit's mare's foal. Lou invites Peter to manage his business from the Heartland facilities while his office undergoes renovation, and lives to regret it."
"Ty and Amy clash over how best to raise an orphaned foal. Lou must defuse a potential lawsuit after fending off unwanted advances from an unscrupulous business client. Meanwhile, Val tries to connect with her newly-reconciled daughter Ashley and a cougar stalks the Heartland area."
"When Tim buys a racehorse from Lisa, he puts everything on the line, including Amy, to win big."
"Ty protects his mother Lily from his abusive stepfather, who shows up at Heartland to win her back."
"Amy is upset when Ty flies off with Scott to a remote vet call on his last day before heading to vet school."
"Amy leads a rescue search to find Ty and Scott, whose plane has gone missing in a remote forested mountain area."
"While the boys head off on a fishing trip, the girls are left back at Heartland to deal with the havoc caused by a dog, a porcupine and a herd of escaped cows."
"Victor Whitetail visits Heartland, leaving Tim to wonder if Victor was more than just friends with his ex-wife."
"Relationships are on shaky ground when Kit's horse, Daisy, comes down with Strangles and are put under quarantine. Kit decides to stay at Heartland to be with her horse. But Amy loses it when she finds out that Kit brought Daisy to Heartland almost straight after a rodeo where many horses had come down with strangles! Pegasus catches it and that brings mixed feelings, especially for Tim."
"Amy and Ty are at odds over his purchase of a vintage motorcycle while Caleb goes off to a rodeo in Montana despite Ashley's growing concerns about his life on the circuit."
"Amy faces a tough moral dilemma when she discovers Mr. Hanley has abandoned his horses and is on the brink of losing his farm."
"Caleb struggles to get over the physical and emotional scars from his terrible accident as Amy tries to get him back on a horse and Tim doles out some tough love."
"When Amy follows in her mother's footsteps and enters a professional colt starting competition her gift with horses, and self-confidence, is put to the test."
"A surprise announcement by Peter throws Lou's wedding plans into disarray while Amy and Ty are forced to make difficult decisions about their futures."
Season 4 - Heartland
"Amy tries to pretend that nothing has changed when Ty returns to Heartland with a surprise guest."
"Amy scratches the surface to discover Nick Harwell's problems with his polo ponies, Lou's life in Dubai and Tim's relationship with his jockey are not what they appear to be."
"When an unspoken attraction re-surfaces, Amy discovers that honesty might be the best policy, but it certainly isn't the easiest one."
"A looming high school graduation and Spartan's near fatal bout with colic forces Amy to face where her future really lies."
"When Amy and Ty convince Sarah, the town recluse, to let them treat her sick horse at Heartland, the family helps her face the ghosts of her past.."
"Tim enlists Amy to ride Lightning Dexter in a big time stakes race when he finds out his girlfriend, Janice, has teamed up with the competition"
"Amy and Kit have to put their differences aside to on Caleb in a team-roping jackpot."
"When Amy is hired to do a horse clinic with a group of inmates, Ty is surprised to discover that one of them is a friend from his bad old days at the group home."
"Lou comes back from Dubai to spend time with the family. Ty and Amy discover where her father's rustled cattle are being pastured and the whole family rides out to bring them back."
"When an irate Grant, Ty's travel buddy shows up at Heartland to punch out Ty for \"kissing Blair\" the disclosure puts Ty and Amy's relationship in jeopardy. Meanwhile finding out that their marriage was not legal puts Caleb and Ashley into a turmoil. All the relationship drama makes Lou question her marriage with Peter."
"Amy fights to keep Dexter in the family when she learns Tim is putting the horse up for sale in a claiming race."
"Jack is forced to revisit a rough patch in his marriage when he finds an unfinished song by Lyndy in her old guitar case."
"Jack is forced to revisit a rough patch in his marriage when he finds an unfinished song by Lyndy in her old guitar case."
"Amy must deal with Stewart Forrest's unrealistic expectations when she works with his daughter and an elite jumper that may be too much horse for the girl to handle."
"Lou helps Amy fight the lawsuit to save her sister's reputation and family business."
"When a paralyzed military vet and ex-rodeo cowboy hires Amy to help sell his roping horse she sees an opportunity to re-train both horse and rider"
"A horse crazy young boy comes to Heartland and quickly bonds with Amy, but his mother has a secret that could change everything for the Fleming family."
"Amy and Ty work through their trust issues as they train a pair of Clydesdale's, but it is an emergency at Heartland that reveals their true strength as a team when it matters most."
Season 5 - Heartland
"Tim is having no luck tracking down Miranda and Shane since she dropped the bombshell that Shane is his son... until Shane --on his own-- surprises everyone by just showing up at Heartland. And Mallory entertains the idea of going with the recently-single-again Jake to the Spring Fling. There is however --as you might expect with Mallory-- a \"but\" attached."
"When Tim is coerced to go with Jack on a secret mission Amy is left back at Heartland with Janice to get a young race horse ready for his maiden run meanwhile Ty has planned Amy a dinner but there has been an animal hiding in the trailer so they make a slight change of arrangements."
"When Tim reveals to the family that Shane is his son it throws everybody for a loop and threatens to ruin the traditional Bartlett-Fleming-Morris naming ceremony for Lou's baby girl."
"When Amy works with a chuck wagon horse she discovers an impediment that could put the entire team in danger and change the dynamics of a prominent chuck wagon family."
"Amy helps to restore the confidence of a troubled, young trick-rider so that she can get back on her horse and perform again."
"A friend from Jack's past shows up at Heartland when one of their old band mates passes away. Lou & Lisa secretly try to gather the other remaining members for a reunion performance to celebrate Jack's birthday."
"When Shane arrives to stay for the summer, Tim tries to impress all three of his kids with a really cool Western day trip."
"When Ty visits Mrs. Bell to thank her for paying his school fees he and Amy are surprised to learn she\u2019s moved out of her home, and away from Sugarfoot."
"When Tim's young racehorse Cisco is stolen on the way to his maiden race, Amy and Ty get help tracking him down from an unlikely source \u2013 Ty's step-father, Wade."
"When Amy bravely tries to heal an abused (and now extremely violent) racehorse Ty and Jack think she's finally bitten off more than she can chew."
"Ty's mother Lily returns to Heartland with shocking news about his father, and a secret that threatens her relationship with her son."
"When Jack learns Ty is riding his bike solo to a remote lake to spread his father's ashes he decides to surprise Ty and join him for this meaningful road trip."
"In an attempt to avoid hitting a wolf, Ty is badly injured when he crashes his bike on a remote road, leaving Jack to search for help in the middle of nowhere."
"Amy is roped into helping Tim project a positive image to the community, in hopes it will further his custody case for Shane."
"When tragedy strikes Amy must find a way to save Mr. Hanley's rescue horses from kill buyers."
"Amy and Ty join Scott on a trip back to his old reservation to save a herd of wild horses from the dangerous EHV-1 virus."
"Amy's dog is injured by a rancher, and it's up to Ty to save his life"
"When a mystery horse arrives at Heartland, Amy and Ty are sent down a path that will alter their lives."
Season 6 - Heartland
"Amy is bursting to ask Ty about the engagement ring, and why he hasn\u2019t proposed yet, but a couple of \u201crunaways\u201d throw everything at Heartland into turmoil."
"Ty struggles to deal with the fact that Amy has found the engagement ring and has to decide how and whether he is going to propose to her or not."
"Tim hopes for a big commission when he helps a wealthy weekend cowboy look for his dream ranch, while Amy\u2019s stuck teaching his trophy wife how to ride."
"Tim is trying to convince Jack to be his partner in the purchase of a bison bull when Miranda comes to Heartland for a visit and goes on a trail ride with Tim that could totally change their family dynamic."
"Janice brings Cisco Kid (and her emotional baggage over Tim) to Heartland for Amy to figure out why Cisco's lost that winning feeling."
"Amy seeks out an up-and-coming show jumper to learn why he's refusing Scott and Ty's suggested treatment for his horse."
"Chase Powers returns to Heartland with an aspiring liberty horse rider (Hayley) who wants Amy to be her coach."
"When Ty needs some engine parts for his broken down truck he's forced to turn to the last person on earth he wants help from - his stepfather, Wade."
"A trip to help out an old friend at a fishing camp doesn't go as planned, and a series of unexpected events elevate it into a life-changing weekend for the entire family."
"Amy and Ty hold off telling the family their great news when they return from their trip to find everyone reeling from the devastating fire at Lou and Peter's home."
"Jeremy forces Amy to make a tough decision about Phoenix when his horse, Buckingham, sustains a serious injury that threatens his jumping career."
"When a local horse show is cancelled Lou saves the day for Georgie and Mallory by stepping up to host it at Heartland."
"Scott discovers that Spartan has a broken leg and Amy is forced to make the toughest decision of her life."
"Ty's future as a vet is in jeopardy when there's a fatality at Scott's clinic."
"In an effort to prove Jeremy was responsible for Buckingham's death, Ty searches for evidence."
"Amy is having trouble dealing with a roping horse that only wants to buck and Caleb, who isn't sure he wants to ride broncs anymore."
"Amy and Lou help Georgie regain her confidence as a showjumper when Olivia makes her question her place in the family."
"With the threat of losing Phoenix looming over their heads, things become even more complicated at Heartland when Georgie gets a surprise visit from her brother Jeff."
Season 7 - Heartland
"As the family struggles to cope with recent changes at the ranch, Amy realizes she must reclaim her \"Miracle Girl\" status and focus on her work with horses."
"Amy and Ty find their dream ranch while Peter tries to mediate for Georgie and Olivia."
"Tim tries to change Maggie's into a soulless fast food franchise putting Lou and Tim on opposite sides."
"Mallory questions her choices when she finds out that Jake is planning to leave while Amy and Ty work with a mare and foal."
"Amy tries to help an RCMP constable fulfill his dream of performing in the RCMP Musical Ride."
"After seeing a client trick riding, Georgie is determined to pursue it despite Lou's objections."
"Ty is torn between his past and his family at Heartland when an old friend asks him for help."
"Jack and Georgie end up in a bad situation during a fishing trip."
"Amy's success with a show jumper puts her life at risk."
"Family members are pitted against each other over Amy\u2019s medical treatment as she struggles to come to terms with her injuries and uncertain future."
"Amy is forced to face her fears and save the life of the horse that injured her."
"Amy goes under cover to catch a Tennessee Walker's abusers after Ty brings it to Heartland to recover."
"Amy works with a horse to help it overcome its fear of water, but sparks fly when Jack learns the horse is owned by a former flame."
"Jack and Lisa are lost in the woods, but a trip down memory lane may just help them find their way."
"Amy tries to help Tim as he goes through a mid-life crisis and buys a hot horse instead of a traditional hot car."
"Since her accident, Amy's client list has dwindled to nearly nothing, so she holds a comeback clinic to restart her career."
"Amy and Ty argue over Ty's investment in a horse; Amy begins working with Prince Ahmed."
"After working with Ty and Caleb's barrel-racing horse, Amy competes in a high-stakes Futurity."
Season 8 - Heartland
"Amy returns from Europe but finds herself struggling to integrate back into life at Heartland and her relationship with Ty."
"Lou throws herself into party planning and forces Jack to meet with an old acquaintance."
"Lavish gifts from afar put more distance between Amy and Georgie."
"A surprising visitor at Heartland makes a unwelcome declaration. Amy is forced to deal with the devastating consequences."
"Amy struggles to pair up some horses. Then is forced to go head to head with a rival trainer."
"Amy blames Georgie and Jade when a clients horse keeps escaping. She then re-evaluates things when she learns the horse has hidden skills."
"Amy struggles when she tries to help a Hutterite family who's Percherons have run amok during a hayride."
"Georgie's life at Heartland could change forever when a school project opens a door."
"When a threat of a cull looms over a herd of wild horses, Jack and Amy go to the aid of an old friend in Pike River."
"Amy and Ty find themselves drawing closer as they make a desperate bid to save the wild horses."
"A client reveals that Peter turned down a job offer, leaving Amy in a difficult position."
"When Amy is invited to do a horse clinic in Montana, she and Ty decide to take a road trip together, but an unexpected encounter derails their plans."
"Tim opens a rodeo school, determined to help young people avoid injury while getting the training they need, but is immediately confronted with a problem student."
"Amy and Ty help Scott\u2019s nephew realize he is worthy of continuing his family tradition of relay racing."
"Lou returns from Vancouver with an admission that threatens to change the Heartland family forever."
"The family strives to support a devastated Georgie when Lou and Peter are forced to tell her distressing news."
"Lou spearheads preparations for the big day while Amy throws herself into gentling a rescue horse in order to avoid all the craziness."
"In order to give Amy and Ty the wedding they really want, Lou struggles to deal with a slew of last minute hurdles."
Season 9 - Heartland
"While a dangerous bear lurks near Heartland, Ty and Amy are back from their honeymoon and adding on the loft, Georgie is trying to be able to handle what is going on with Lou and Peter. Amy and Georgie find a hurt horse."
"As Ty prepares to celebrate an important milestone, he works to treat an abandoned horse\u2019s rain rot while Amy focuses on how to heal the animal\u2019s emotional scars. Jack uses a supposed arthritic knee as an excuse to justify his unwillingness to ride. Lou and Georgie disagree about riding lessons for Katie, but share a genuine mother-daughter moment."
"After enlisting Amy to help her perfect a trick to perform at an upcoming rodeo, Georgie gets pulled away by Lou and Peter who insist she focus on her schoolwork."
"Everyone rallies around Jack as he struggles with the inevitable loss of a friend. Georgie gets some unwanted help with her schoolwork."
"As Amy and Georgie prepare to compete in a cowboy competition, Georgie guilts Jack into helping her train on a new horse in the hopes he will fall in love with the animal."
"Ty and Amy\u0092's attempt to rescue an injured eagle in the mountains takes a dangerous turn."
"Amy helps a Medieval jouster who was badly injured during a competition regain his confidence so he can compete again."
"Amy's attempts to help Georgie deal with an impending departure are complicated by Olivia."
"Amy and Ty work together to determine why Caleb\u2019s horse becomes ill during his treatment at Heartland. Meanwhile, Georgie pits her parents against each other to get permission to go on an \u201caway\u201d trip with some girls from the Extreme Team. While Jack and Tim work together to bring the loft up to code as ordered by the insurance inspector, they discover unexpected interlopers."
"Georgie begins to second-guess her decision to run away from Heartland, while the family bands together to find her."
"When Ty helps Jack and Tim on a cattle drive, an accident jeopardizes their plans."
"Tim asks Amy and Georgie for help to discourage Jade from accepting a suspicious sponsorship deal."
"Amy and Cass work together to save a racehorse with a career-ending condition, while the arrival of a former girlfriend forces Tim to see his current relationship in a new light."
"Georgie\u2019s school project on Val Stanton inspires her to take a risk with Adam."
"When Lou returns from New York she is forced to confront two interlopers: Heartland\u2019s new ranch hand, and a trendy food truck that is threatening Maggie\u2019s business."
"Lou finds herself trapped at the Dude Ranch with Mitch, the new ranch hand, and they both reveal the circumstances of their recent pasts."
"While trying to help Cass learn to handle a spirited horse, Amy discovers there is more riding on their success than she initially realized."
"When their plans to get away are thwarted, Amy and Ty celebrate their first anniversary closer to home and Amy unveils a special surprise."
Season 10 - Heartland
"As Amy and Ty prepare for parenthood, they work together to resolve a dangerous pregnancy issue. Meanwhile, Georgie may be forced to give up something she loves when a demanding new Extreme Team coach arrives on the scene. Then, Lou has to decide whether she should tackle a new business venture that may take her away from the Heartland family. When Jack and Mitch work together with the herd, Tim is not ready to be pushed aside. And Georgie and Adam find the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary."
"Ty performs surgery on a mare, while Amy and the family work to bottle-feed its twin foals."
"Tim is caught in the middle of Jade's showdown with a new hotshot bronc rider."
"The Heartland family must deal with Amy and Ty's decision about their future."
"When one of Tim's team-building events turns competitive, Georgie gets stuck partnering with Jade'\u0080\u0099s cocky rival."
"When Amy helps a mounted archer reconnect with her horse, she also unravels the mystery behind Spartan\u00e2\u0080\u0099s recent behavior."
"When Lou is given a horse, Amy helps her sister nurture a connection with the animal while Lou wrestles with the implications of the unexpected gift."
"Jack is shocked to learn the reason for an old friend\u00e2\u0080\u0099s unexpected visit to Heartland."
"Things turn dangerous for Amy, Tim and Georgie at a horse clinic."
"While Amy deals with the panicked horse trapped in a trailer, Georgie heads off on a desperate search for Tim. Meanwhile, Bob and Ty tackle a difficult surgery to save an endangered bear cub's life. Back at the ranch, when Amy, Tim and Georgie are late returning from a clinic, Jack and Mitch get very concerned and head off to find them. And with the help of Lou and his girls, Peter makes a choice that assures his place in the Heartland family."
"When Georgie unexpectedly struggles with a new challenge, Amy steps in to help her unearth the cause."
"An unexpected guest arrives which makes Amy and Jack question the reason behind the visit."
"Jake's unexpected arrival at Heartland forces Mallory to admit to Amy and Jack the real reason she came back to Heartland."
"Amy struggles with the feeling that something is not right with Ty while she and Jack strive to help the ghost horse."
"A secret from Jack's past threatens to change his relationship with the family forever."
"Amy and the family pull together as the gravely ill Ty returns home and is admitted to hospital."
Season 11 - Heartland
"Ty struggles with control issues when his mom stops by for an unexpected visit hoping to bond with her granddaughter, and Amy is forced to mediate."
"The family bands together to support Georgie as she decides whether to face a ghost from her past or leave it behind."
"Tim steps up Jade's training regimen when a fierce new competitor shows her up at practice."
"Amy and Ty work together to prepare a wild horse for overseas transport, but the horse\u2019s temperament may be more than they bargained for."
"Amy and Ty work together to prepare a wild horse for overseas transport, but the horse\u2019s temperament may be more than they bargained for."
"The family bands together to support Georgie as she decides whether to face a ghost from her past, or leave it behind."
"Amy tries to teach some old friends about the power of connecting to a horse."
"Amy tries to teach some old friends about the life-changing power of connecting to a horse."
"Amy tries to get everything organized at Heartland before joining Ty on a work-related journey, but Tim's concerns about the trip threaten to derail Amy's plans."
"Ty finds himself in a dangerous situation and in order to save him Amy must turn to an unexpected source for guidance."
"Tim is forced to open up when an emergency traps him with an unexpected visitor. Amy is hired to work with a former racehorse in need of a new owner. Meanwhile, Georgie has trouble deciding who to trust when Wyatt warns her of a possible betrayal. And Jack steps out of his comfort zone to support Lisa, but trouble arises when her ex-husband Dan makes an appearance."
"Struggling with personal issues, Tim rallies the family to go on another memorial ride for Marion so he can face his deepest regret. Meanwhile, Georgie is forced to make a very difficult decision when Val questions Amy\u2019s ability to be her show jumping coach. Tim pushes Jade to accept a huge scholarship opportunity down in Texas, while Jack pushes Tim to finally be honest with Amy and Lou about his health issue."
"As the family struggles to deal with Tim\u2019s news, Lou throws herself into planning her high school reunion to impress an old rival. Meanwhile, Amy tries to stay focused as Georgie comes up against an unexpected challenge while beginning to train with Phoenix. And Jack fights to control his own emotions as Mitch pressures him to discuss the future of the cattle business with Tim."
"A threat from Ty\u2019s past arrives in Hudson, putting the entire Heartland family in danger. Meanwhile, in the wake of an unexpected romantic encounter, Lou struggles with insecurities about her failed relationships, and Georgie worries about Adam\u2019s reaction when she tells him about her new status with Wyatt. And a worried Jack sticks close to Amy as they prepare for winter at the ranch."
"As Thanksgiving approaches, Georgie puts her personal feelings about Peyton Westfield aside and convinces Amy to work with a high strung and dangerous jumping horse. Meanwhile, Jade returns from Texas for the holiday weekend and Tim is forced to admit why he was so adamant she accept the rodeo scholarship. Wyatt goes completely overboard trying to prove his affection for Georgie and it lands them in a comical but compromising situation. And when Lou can\u2019t make it home for Thanksgiving, Jack and Lisa try to save tradition by coercing a secret family recipe out of her."
"A training accident results in serious injury and Georgie becomes conflicted when an unlikely ally arrives at Heartland to show support."
"In the aftermath of a vicious viral video, Georgie reconsiders her future in show jumping\u2026 and in Hudson. Meanwhile, Amy and Ty are of differing opinions about what to do with their new land. A lucrative business opportunity puts Jack, Mitch and Tim at odds. And Lou struggles with how to support her daughter through a difficult time."
"In the days leading up to baby Lyndy's naming ceremony, the Heartland family members find themselves keeping secrets from each other."
Season 12 - Heartland
"Amy and Ty care for a wild mare and her foal, which provides a solution to their parenting problems."
"Amy and Ty plan a romantic trip to Pike River, but Jack tags along to visit an old friend."
"Ty is asked to mentor a troubled kid, but finding common ground proves harder than he expected. Meanwhile, Lou organizes a horse yoga retreat at the Dude Ranch, but she is taken by surprise when she learns who the instructor is and this subsequently leads to hijinks between Georgie and Wyatt. And as Amy works with a restless yoga horse she learns the real reason her dad is so keen on helping Jack and Ty build a treehouse for Lyndy."
"Amy and Ty take Lyndy on her first camping trip, but things go awry when they find an injured animal along the way. Meanwhile, when Jade takes a bad fall in a bronc riding accident, Tim and Georgie must convince her to see a doctor before she ends up in a dangerous situation. And when Georgie starts working with her new coach, the advice she\u2019s given leaves her questioning her priorities. At the same time, Tim makes a nuisance of himself in his new home, causing Jack to call him out."
"Georgie asks Wyatt to help him reunite a famous rider and her long-lost horse."
"When the new manager at Fairfield comes to them with an unusual concern, Amy and Ty find themselves at odds about how best to treat her horse. Meanwhile, Lou and Peter don't see eye to eye when Georgie is offered a life-changing opportunity. And Jack and Mitch disagree on the best recipe for success at an important business meeting."
"Amy and Tim organize a team penning event for the family, but Tim manages to turn it into a town spectacle."
"Lou returns with an idea to attract guests."
"Amy and Ty work together to treat a doped racehorse, but when it turns into a race against the clock Amy looks to an unexpected source for help."
"The family searches for ways to cope with its grief after getting devastating news."
"The family helps Will Vernon round up his wild horses."
Season 13 - Heartland
"A disgruntled horse owner causes problems for Ty and Amy's business, and they find themselves at odds about taking him on as a client."
"Amy is hired to gentle one of the wild horses, but his temperament may prove impossible to work with."
"Jack is faced with painful memories from his past, and the family is at a loss for how to help him."
"A dangerous windstorm wreaks havoc on Hudson."
"Amy and Ty worry about the impact a surprise visitor will have on Luke."
"Georgie's graduation has finally arrived but so has a mysterious figure from her past."
03 Nov 2019
"Amy is asked to spend time at an art retreat to work with an artist's allegedly traumatized horse."
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Season 14 - Heartland
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24 Jan 2021
"Amy grudgingly helps Ty's mother Lily with a traumatized racehorse. Lou gets into even more hot water when she tries to sell Hudson as a \"must see\" tourist destination."
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