Know more About this Show: A comedy series about three groups of friends coming to terms with retirement.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Russ Abbot , Paula Wilcox

Country: UK

Duration: 28 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - Boomers
"A funeral is approaching, and Alan is particularly looking forward to it as his old friend Mick is attending, from his retirement home in Spain. No one else is quite so pleased."
"Carol and Trevor celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. With Joyce having organised a gastro-pub lunch, it looks like it could be a party to remember."
"Thurnemouth Day is on the horizon, but for chairman Trevor he also has to consider his strained marriage. Meanwhile, Joyce has an equally lofty office to hold in the local Choral Society."
"Joyce is retiring and Alan has organised a house party, complete with video tributes. Maureen's more interested by their new neighbours, fresh from London."
"Joyce and Alan have financial concerns and are considering downsizing."
"As the gang head off for their annual 1960s-themed getaway weekend, it looks like there could be a little less fun and a little more stress at the seaside."
Season 2 - Boomers
"The friends head to a campsite, where the boys get into trouble on a bike ride."
"The gang head to a housewarming party for new neighbours Matt and Seb."
"The couples head off to the naming ceremony of Alan and Joyce's first granddaughter."
"Having separated from his younger wife Elena, Mick returns to Alan and Joyce's."
"For his birthday, John decides to do something different, a murder mystery party."
"Maureen's mum Joan drops a bombshell - she's getting married to someone 20 years younger."
"No description"