Murder Chose Me

Know more About this Show: Homicide detective, Rod Demery, races against the clock to catch criminals running loose on the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 8.4

Season 1 - Murder Chose Me
"The lifeless body of a young mother-to-be is dumped in the shallow waters of a secluded fishing pond. The marshy crime scene offers few clues, but the case heats up when Detective Rod Demery learns of a frightening secret that was kept from police."
"When two young children bear witness to the gruesome murder of their mother, Demery makes it his personal mission to bring the killer to justice. He quickly zeroes in on two suspects, but can't escape the feeling that he's barking up the wrong tree."
"An abandoned car belonging to missing sailor Nicholas Cox turns up in a parking lot. Inside, Demery uncovers a grisly cache of blood evidence, but no Cox. In order to find justice for his fallen brother-in-arms, Demery must first locate his body."
"Friends discover the lifeless body of good-natured Vietnam vet Drexelle McBride in the driver's seat of his white van. Leads are scarce, until Demery charts the victim's final hours and learns of a chance meeting gone terribly awry."
"A drunken brawl at a local watering hole culminates in the stabbing death of bar regular J.W. Fuller. Det. Rod Demery finds a curious clue in the victim's breast pocket, leading him on a search for a mystery woman with a leopard print dress."
"The lifeless body of an unidentified woman is found in the parking lot of an abandoned factory. Detective Rod Demery is assigned to the case, but he's thrown a curveball when he recognizes the face of the victim at the center of the crime scene."
"A weekly game of dominoes at a neighborhood tire shop turns deadly when a group of masked men burst in with guns blazing. Demery is determined to find justice for the victim, but only has one night to solve the case before it's taken out of his hands."
"When a mechanic is found on his couch with a bullet wound to the head, investigators suspect suicide, but rookie detective Rod Demery believes it's murder. When his hunch is proven correct, its up to Demery to solve the first homicide of his career."
"One unsolved homicide has followed Demery for his entire life. That case helped build the foundation for his brightest ambitions and haunted his worst nightmares. 4X years after the fact, he decided to solve that one case - the murder of his mother."
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Season 2 - Murder Chose Me
"A mysterious caller directs police to an eerily quiet suburban block, where they find the lifeless body of McDaniel Smith. The circumstances are hazy, until Demery learns of a caustic legal dispute and a wannabe hero with a history of violence."
"The bullet-ridden bodies of three friends are discovered in a car abandoned in Shreveport\u2019s most notorious neighborhood. Demery must venture deep into the city\u2019s seedy underbelly to catch a killer with an inscrutable motive and an evil disposition."
"Noah Randle is shot dead after masked gunmen crash a late-night birthday party; Detective Rod Demery is called in on his day off to untangle a sinister plot fueled by a bitter grudge."
"A pillar of the Korean community is murdered in broad daylight on the doorstep of her beauty supply store; when the trail of physical evidence runs cold, Detective Rod Demery must rely on shoe-leather detective work to catch the killer."
"A protective grandfather is found beaten to death on the side of the road; while the crime scene offers few clues, news of a recent incident involving a birthday gift leads Detective Demery to the most unexpected of killers."
"After a father of three is mowed down in a devastating hail of gunfire, police are quick to determine that the murder was carried out by more than one suspect, however, Demery is unprepared for just how many killers he'll need to bring to justice."
"After finding a body slumped behind the wheel of a sports utility vehicle, officer discover the driver has been shot in the abdomen; Demery connects the case to a pair of alarmingly similar murders and realizes there's a serial killer on the loose."
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Season 3 - Murder Chose Me
"A hard-working family man is gunned down while doing a favor for a friend. As Demery searches for answers, he's confronted with a name from his past, and an all too familiar tragedy. When more blood is spilled, Demery is pushed to his breaking point."
"\u00ab Previous Ep.\n\nA mother of three is shot point-blank with a high-caliber rifle just steps from her front door; to catch a two-faced killer with a history of violence, Rod Demery must first win the trust of a family wary of the system."
"The lifeless body of an elderly veteran is found prone on the floor of his own home. All signs point to death by natural causes, until Demery finds a series of clues hidden in plain sight, and uncovers a motive so cruel it shocks him to his cor"
"The cold-blooded execution of an affable middle-aged couple sends shock waves of fear through their normally quiet community; clues are scarce until Demery and Mayfield uncover a cache of threatening text messages from a pair of mysterious numbers."
"A mysterious accident on Christmas Eve leaves Tony Holden with a fatal neck injury, but the case goes unsolved; when Rod Demery reopens the investigation, he discovers a conspiracy between unlikely accomplices."
"A 911 dispatcher is found slumped behind the wheel of a wrecked sedan with a bullet through his torso. To catch the killer, Demery must retrace the victim\u2019s final steps and untangle a web of accusation and innuendo spun by a shady cast of characters."
"A popular teen is shot down at school, but the shooter was no student - with motives far more sinister than in a typical schoolyard spat. Then, Demery must rely on instinct when investigating a supposed break-in that culminated in a bloody showdown."
"Demery is called to the scene of a deadly roadside shootout. When the smoke clears, he realizes the victim is someone he loves. Then, an unidentified corpse hidden in the trunk of an abandoned sedan opens the door to a tragic mystery."
"When a nameless corpse turns up steps from a local mosque, a community is left shaken. To solve the case, Demery must untangle a web of lies and misdirection. But as detectives close in on the killer, they stumble upon yet another unsolved crime."
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