Scorned: Love Kills

Know more About this Show: A voyeuristic peak into the lust and obsessions that have fueled some of the more brutal acts of violence to grab headlines around the world.

Genre: Crime , Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Scorned: Love Kills
21 Jan 2012
"Though David and Joan Shannon seem like the average American couple, they partake in scandalous evenings of swinging and group sex. When Joan Shannon falls in love with a fellow swinger she..."
28 Jan 2012
"A successful attorney lay dead in her bathtub, victim of an apparent drowning. Even her family assumed it was an accident - but an 11th hour autopsy revealed a far darker truth. Even more shocking was the killer."
04 Feb 2012
"A bored housewife gets a job as a stripper and begins a sultry double life. While her husband is working she brings home acquaintances from her new job for sexual escapades. When one of her..."
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"No description"
03 Mar 2012
"In August 1999 Michael Fletcher calls 911 after discovering his pregnant wife Leann lying dead on the bedroom floor, the apparent victim of a tragic accidental shooting. But investigators ..."
10 Mar 2012
"In winter of 2007 Stephen Grant reports his wife Tara has gone missing after an argument. For weeks Grant plays the distraught husband to the media, but after a shocking discovery, ..."
17 Mar 2012
"In December of 1998 in the upscale village of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, Mark Jensen poisons his 40-year-old wife Julie with antifreeze and proceeds to marry his mistress, Kelly."
24 Mar 2012
"Wealthy home builder, Larry and his client, Rozanne are involved in a passionate extramarital affair. When the relationship is exposed, the jealousy and greed that follow lead to a brutal ..."
31 Mar 2012
"Bart Corbin and his wife Jenn appeared to be living the dream, but financial and marital problems were tearing them apart. Bart's affair with his office manager, Tara, drives Jenn to seek ..."
07 Apr 2012
14 Apr 2012
21 Apr 2012
"When beloved high school baseball coach, Russ Stager marries his loving, church-going wife Barbara he thinks he has the perfect life. But he soon discovers her obsessive lies and torrid ..."
"No description"
05 May 2012
"Oil tycoon, Jimmy Joste is obsessed with former rodeo queen Rhonda Glover. Despite her infidelity, he lavishes her with riches and she blows his mind with erotic sexual encounters until ..."
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Season 2 - Scorned: Love Kills
"The second season opens with a workplace love triangle that ends in murder."
"A love triangle involving a pool-hall owner, his wife and a cocktail waitress unfolds."
"A college student's lover is murdered, and suspicion falls on both him and his roommate, a minister at a local church."
"Extramarital affairs have deadly consequences for a couple."
"A married woman's boyfriend threatens to break up with her and begin dating her former girlfriend."
"An illicit affair between a religious bodyguard and his wife's friend has a fatal outcome."
"A young Navy wife faces temptation after her husband leaves for an overseas mission."
"A woman is killed by her ex-boyfriend."
"A married woman becomes involved in a dangerous affair with a millionaire."
"A three-way relationship in Iowa turns deadly."
"A woman's affair with a successful businessman is plagued by obsession, jealousy and violence."
"A married woman has an affair with a much younger man."
"A deadly love triangle unfolds when a married woman has an affair with a coworker."
"A police officer cheats on his college sweetheart with a coworker, but he finds himself in over his head when she gets pregnant."
"A married man receives frightening e-mails from his mistress, and the love triangle ends in murder."
"A dentist's wife is found dead."
"Examining the case of Drew Peterson, a four-times-married policeman who was convicted of the 2004 murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio."
"A rabbi's wife is murdered."
"A dog trainer stalks his ex-wife."
"Chronicling a love triangle between two women and a male drug dealer."
Season 3 - Scorned: Love Kills
"A love triangle involving a married couple and a young naval doctor is detailed in the Season 3 premiere."
"A married man has two affairs at the same time, one with an old girlfriend and the other with a stripper."
"A same-sex love triangle ends badly."
"A church pastor has an affair with his secretary."
"A man gets caught up in a love triangle with his wife and a childhood friend."
"A divorced mother of five looks for love online, but her new suitors turn out to be dangerous."
"A woman learns that her husband has been unfaithful to her."
"A man's dark secrets come to the fore after his wife is killed."
"An unhappy marriage between an unfaithful man and his gambling-addicted wife ends in violence."
Season 4 - Scorned: Love Kills
04 Oct 2014
"Mortician Michael Roseboro begins an intense affair with a neighbor named Angela behind his wife Jan's back. When Angela's obsession and Michael's libido spiral out of control, it sets all ..."
"No description"
11 Oct 2014
"Dr. Dirk Greineder's perfect world comes crumbling down when his wife Mabel cuts off intimacy completely. Dirk's life is back on track when he meets beautiful escort Elizabeth. Things ..."
"Rebecca has hooked quite a catch with shy, wealthy software engineer Bruce. But when she begins a tawdry affair with a sultry stripper named Steve, Rebecca's deadly dance will bend this ..."
04 Nov 2014
"Night club star John Delia begins a torrid romance with wealthy heiress, Robyn. She falls hard for him, becoming his sugar mama. A former lover from their past appears, triggering a sex ..."
08 Nov 2014
"Charming Michel is living a cozy family life with loyal girlfriend Yolanda. When he starts classes at beauty school, he also launches into a steamy relationship with a younger woman. It's a..."
15 Nov 2014
"Marissa loves the thrill of stripping under the spotlight, but she's leaving her husband Dale in the dark. The dangers only escalate when Allen, a wealthy businessman, offers Marissa top ..."
22 Nov 2014
"Merchant marine Lee Sehorne's long stints at sea leave his young wife, Cristie, lonely. Cristie floats the idea of going to a swinger's club while Lee's away and he agrees to it. But her ..."
29 Nov 2014
"Professor Bill Douglas falls for high-end call girl Robin after his marriage to Nancy grows stale. But when Bill struggles to pay Robin and Nancy learns about the affair, the Professor is ..."
21 Mar 2015
"Pastor Tracy and Pauletta look like the perfect baptist power couple until Tracy for a close friend of his son. Their sinful, not so secret affair sends shockwaves through the congregation and ends in murder."
11 Apr 2015
"Rich doctor and devoted Mormon, Martin MacNeill begins a torrid affair with fiery vixen, Gypsy Willis while his wife Michele tends to their children. But when Michele finds out and demands ..."
"No description"
"No description"
25 Apr 2015
02 May 2015
"Lee Ann discovers the dark side of her husband, gym-owner Paul, and runs for help. Alex offers a shoulder to cry on; Rocco takes her to bed. But then, Paul and she seem to work things ..."
09 Mar 2015
"Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. George Arthur and his wife have an open marriage that mixes business with pleasure; their lives are forever changed by a cold-hearted murder that will take police more than a decade to solve."
14 Mar 2014
"When Fort Bragg soldier Sgt. Edgar Patino is forced to choose between his wife and his pregnant lover, Spc. Megan Touma, someone will be left brokenhearted, and someone will be left dead."
"No description"
Season 5 - Scorned: Love Kills
"Scott and Lisa are a happy couple, living the idyllic life in Indiana. But when Scott is reunited with his old flame Stacy, their steamy affair will rock their small town, anger their respective spouses and lead to someone paying the ultimate price."
"American soldier Megan Touma has left her husband for her lover Edgar. Turns out Edgar has a spouse of his own. When Megan gets pregnant Edgar must make a decision between two women. Someone will be left brokenhearted and someone will be left dead."
"Pastor Tracy and his wife Pauletta look like the perfect \"Baptist power couple\" - until Tracy falls for Tyonne, a close friend of his son William. Their sinful, not-so-secret affair sends shockwaves through the congregation and ends in murder."
"Rich doctor and devoted Mormon, Martin MacNeill begins a torrid affair with fiery vixen, Gypsy Willis while his wife Michele tends to their children. But when Michele finds out and demands Martin end the affair, someone is bound to get burned."
"While Kathy Lipscomb spends late nights at the hospital with the handsome Dr. Pearle, her husband's career in the Air Force is taking off, but so is his relationship with a hot young officer. When the affairs are exposed the consequences are fatal."
"In 2011 newlyweds Seth and Lisa Techel are living in Wapello County, Iowa. They are both caught up in illicit, passionate affairs, and it all leads to an explosive, deadly confrontation."
"Debra is living a real fairytale with the Car Stereo King of Chicago, Werner Hartmann. No price is too high to keep his queen happy, but when her expensive taste includes a hot new boy toy, it will cost more than Werner could have ever imagined."
"Lee Ann discovers the dark side of her husband, gym-owner Paul, and runs for help. Alex offers a shoulder to cry on; Rocco takes her to bed. But then, Paul and she seem to work things out\u2014until late one night, when shots ring out behind the gym."
"George Arthur and his wife are two of Los Angeles County Sheriff's finest, but when their open marriage mixes work with pleasure, their lives are forever changed by cold hearted killing that takes police more than a decade to solve."
Season 6 - Scorned: Love Kills
"Ruby and John Ruffolo's marriage is threatened when John's legal troubles drive him to multiple infidelities. Leaving a streak of scorned women in his wake, John mysteriously disappears. And the hunt for him reveals a deprave reality no one saw coming."
"Vickie Cushman is looking for love in all the wrong places... until she falls for married cop, Scott Hornoff. Everything's going great, or so she thinks. Not long after meeting him, she's found brutally murdered and police are sent on a wild goose chase."
"Wisconsin carpenter Ruben Borchardt falls hard and fast for mysterious newcomer, Dianne. When they marry- just a few months after his first wife's death- Ruben finds himself on a disturbing path to the ultimate betrayal."
"Mike and Elizabeth Turpin are the perfect couple. But when Elizabeth meets a mysterious woman with a disturbing secret she finds herself plunged into an out of control world of casual sex, drugs, steamy lesbian affairs, and ultimately- a murder."
"Shaun and Rhoni have been together for a very long time. But Shaun isn't exclusive with Rhoni. When he begins seeing a series of other women things begin spiraling out of control. Soon the stage is set for a horrific and tragic murder."
"Barbara Kogan is spending her fortune while her husband George scrambles to dig them out of debt by way of his mafia connections. Making matters worse, Barbara hires a hot, young publicist. It's the final straw for their marriage... and their lives."
"Brett and Tammy are living the ideal suburban life in an affluent South Carolina community. But when Brett's underground gambling business takes on a life of its own, their marriage suffers extreme debt and infidelity that comes to a deadly end."