The Joy of Painting

Know more About this Show: In this half-hour program, artist Bob Ross paints on canvas a beautiful oil painting.

Genre: Documentary , Family

Actor: Bob Ross

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1983

IMDb: 9.4

Season 2 - The Joy of Painting
"Glide into this scenic world of green trees and bushes reflecting into calm waters. Bob Ross paints both gentle beauty and almighty power."
"Find the glistening sun peeking through the trees in this wintery scene; Bob Ross creates a cold day warmed by daystar radiance."
"Bundle up and endure the cold weather in this snow filled adventure; Bob Ross paints a wintry mountain scene using only Grey and White tones."
"The fall breeze rustles in the trees as you rest your feet in crisp still waters. Discover the joys of nature in this Bob Ross painting."
"In this painting Bob Ross emphasizes a slow river winding around colorful foliage, with the final embers of sunlight ahead."
"Swim in the warm water, nap in the luxurious green grass \u2013 today Bob Ross creates a wonderful summer mountain scene."
"Truly picture perfect. A bright day and still water combine to make amazing mirrored images throughout this Bob Ross mountain masterpiece."
"An approaching storm and dramatic sky set the mood for this unique seascape. Bob Ross uses a canvas painted half black and half white."
"Take a relaxing walk with Bob Ross through a bright green grassy forest, where a smooth crystal waterway flows so, so quietly."
"Hear the sounds of a bubbling stream and distant waterfall against the most tumultuous of all skies; a spectacular Bob Ross painting."
"Slip away into a wondrous plush green forest where Bob Ross creates an almost invisible mountain overlooking a falling stream."
"Beautiful foliage and fierce skies with an almighty mountain overlooking a calm lake. Watch Bob Ross paint this challenging scene."
Season 3 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross paints a beautiful summer getaway with rugged brown peaks, clear blue waters and a cozy little cabin too."
"Breathtaking skies, bending palms and waves that accentuate the cool night breeze. A one-of-a-kind masterpiece by Bob Ross."
"In the midst of the forest flows a stream that splashes and trickles endlessly along \u2013 Bob Ross depicts the true beauty of nature."
"Bob Ross captures the stillness of cold darkness and rests a cozy little cabin atop a snow covered hill \u2013 a real black canvas favorite."
"Far, far away there rests a mountain nestled in misty clouds and foothills. Bob Ross creates a scene using soft, brilliant colors."
"Enjoy this Bob Ross scene that includes luxurious green foliage and an old weathered trestle-bridge placed lovingly amongst all the beauty."
"Sneak away into the sounds of quiet waters, velvety green shrubs and distance foothills. Bob Ross creates a perfect scene of relaxation."
"In this dark breathtaking scene, Bob Ross creates an almost calm night with waves crashing against rocks and protective lighthouse."
"Journey into the country with Bob Ross and watch how he creates this magnificent painting by adding a large old mill into the heart of the forest."
"In this one-of-a-kind masterpiece, Bob Ross paints a vibrant golden red glow, complete with cowboy restin\u2019 a while by the cracklin\u2019 flames."
"A beautiful fall scene -- Bob Ross uses the colors of nature to settle an old worn-down farm building into soft golden grassy bushes and trees."
"Beneath a soft purple mountain range, lots of trees and bushes surround a secret little lake, as only Bob Ross can create on canvas."
"Talented guest artist Steve Ross creates clear blue skies, an almighty mountain and lake lined generously with trees and bushes."
Season 4 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross will fascinate you with this crimson winter scene, where cabin and snow are virtually undisturbed and the evergreens are full."
"Envision yourself in a world of purple mountain tops and glistening waters that reflect the glowing sky; a magical Bob Ross scene!"
"On a clear day Bob Ross creates an almighty mountain captured by a clear blue sky \u2013 another spectacular masterpiece on canvas."
"Something new and different -- paint a wintry country scene on a wooden sawblade with guest artist Dorothy Dent."
"Feel the cool breeze and admire the beauty of turbulent waves, jagged cliffs and dark night skies -- Bob Ross paints a west coast seascape."
"Grab a cold lemonade and follow along with Bob Ross as he leads you through wooded beauty into a hot summer swimming spot."
"Enjoy the peacefulness of the calm evening as you take a walk with Bob Ross through the enchanted timber lands just before nightfall."
"Feel the warm swampy air and admire the overgrown trees with hanging Spanish moss and velvety bushes \u2026 all Bob Ross style of course!"
"Bob Ross captures the beauty of Alaska on canvas: clear skies, soft cottony clouds, snow covered mountains and breathtaking crystal lake."
"Bob Ross takes you on a journey through the majestic forest where you can smell the sweet aroma of pines and taste cool mist in the air."
"Tall leafy trees, almighty mountains and puffy white clouds; a fresh and innovative painting by guest artist Diane Andre."
"In the still of the night, trees reflect off the glistening pond and cool breeze of blows as Bob Ross takes you on this black canvas adventure."
"Here it is! Impressive skies, misty waters and snowy mountains \u2013 completed by Bob Ross using just his specially designed painting knife!"
Season 5 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross creates a tiny waterfall tucked beside a glassy lake, while surrounded by snowy majestic peaks and distant evergreens."
"Crisp blue sky and lake embrace soft rolling hills and leafy trees \u2013 Bob Ross paints the stillness of evening perfectly on black canvas."
"Guest Artist Dana Jester shares with us the beauty of sweet lavender clusters nestled in the heart of a snowy winter forest."
"Ice cold pond, snowy-covered banks, soft hues in the sky \u2026 Bob Ross teaches us to admire the simple beauty of nature."
"Take a journey with Bob Ross and discover the beauty of a shimmering pool gently cradled by a soft, beautiful and bright forest."
"Watch as the sun comes up into the golden sky and creates an illusion on the calm morning sea in this painting by guest artist Audrey Golden."
"In the evening light Bob Ross creates a fast flowing little waterfall happily running through the lush green meadow grass."
"In this brilliant southwestern scene Bob Ross portrays a unique view of nature with clear blue skies, dry mountains and graceful river."
"Guest Artist Joyce Ortner captures the true beauty of the ocean waves, blue and enchanting in this breathtaking seascape masterpiece."
"Bob Ross creates a proud strong windmill, standing in watch beside old farm buildings where happy little animals lay still in the night."
"In this landscape Bob Ross paints a far away mountain snuggled in with bright green trees and bushes mirrored in glistening waters."
"Guest artist Ferne Sirois shares her own Native American heritage in this adorable portrait of a playful, smiling little child."
"Bob Ross paints a beautiful summer scene today \u2013 rushing little riverlet flowing through the luscious greenery of a cabin landscape."
Season 6 - The Joy of Painting
"Luscious green grass and fresh evergreens, purple and pink sky -- giving the water a perfect glow in this Bob Ross black canvas masterpiece."
"Imagine yourself nestled in a Bob Ross cabin, hidden in the midst of the plush green forest surrounded by the sounds of nature."
"Fresh morning lake and succulent evergreens -- watch Bob Ross create a peaceful, dewy brown mountain scene."
"Narrow, winding, rocky \u2013 this little Bob Ross style creek moves closer and closer, flowing aimlessly through a happy little meadow forest."
"Enjoy another black canvas painting -- Bob Ross creates the deep forest with tall majestic trees, rain puddles and dark fresh air."
"A brisk quiet day, follow Bob Ross along a trail covered in fresh white snow, surrounded by warm colors and fuzzy bark trees."
"Discover a purple night-sky scene with mountain overlooking a little falling river -- Bob Ross creates a spectacular masterpiece today."
"Take a hike with Bob Ross to the southwestern region, see the beauty of fresh skies over sun glistened mountains and silvery mere."
"Uncover a secret little loft hidden in the woods, surrounded by evergreens and ruffly green bushes and grass -- Bob Ross unveils it all!"
"Bob Ross takes us home to the farm -- a big red barn and long rickety wooden fence \u2013 capturing our very vivid childhood memories."
"Powerful clouds, rolling hills and winding river waters -- Bob Ross creates this masterpiece using only his special painting knife."
"Bob Ross takes us deep into the southeastern peninsula to create a beautiful scene with still blue waters and bright green mossy trees."
"Evening sky sets in, giving way to a perfect glow -- watch a black canvas come to life under the magic brushes of Bob Ross."
Season 7 - The Joy of Painting
"In the midst of a cold, wintry forest, Bob Ross gently places a magical little wooden shanty upon a bed of soft snow."
"With brush in hand, Bob Ross leads you on a summertime nature walk, as you uncover the beauty of leafy trees and pond."
"Using a different technique or two, Bob Ross creates a fascinating scene \u2013 watch the sun drop below the horizon, just behind the shadow of trees."
"To capture the innocence of a stream-side cottage, Bob Ross creates a giant mountain standing majestically in the distance."
"Visiting artist, Ben Stahl, uses a more traditional painting method to bring out the coy loveliness of a little girl."
"Bob Ross paints an expansive barn appearing half-covered in a snowy setting of frost bitten foliage and sun-kissed sky."
"It\u2019s almost fall, and Bob Ross captures the undaunted power and charm of a mighty brown mountain surveying its rustic surroundings."
"Talented guest painter Steve Ross shows you how to create a mirror-like lake spanning the width of snowy peaks and foothills."
"Layers and layers of mountains, as far as the eye can see -- Bob Ross shows us the secret to creating a larger-than-life landscape."
"Bob Ross uses monochromatic tones to convey the icy coldness of a silvery lake surrounded by lacy trees and bushes \u2013 brr!"
"An abandoned shipping boat hugs a pier in a water scene that Bob Ross completes with some charming old dockside storage sheds."
"Watch Bob Ross create a sweet little waterfall in the middle of a protective forest of glorious early autumn foliage."
Season 8 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross creates soft purple sky and tall trees that almost seem to float in the hazy foothills of a distant, blue-grey mountain."
"A cabin has found a peaceful resting place amongst a warm setting of lush, lakeside greenery in this wonderful oval creation by Bob Ross."
"The field of snow and the little cabin yield to the bright, orange sun -- Bob Ross conveys harmony in this cold, but cozy scene."
"A wilderness path leads you to the side of a still lake in a setting that Bob Ross accents with an abundance of trees."
"Bob Ross\u2019 exciting use of blue, yellow and orange hues brings vibrancy to this wood side setting and dream cabin beside a clear blue lake."
"A playful brook appears the perfect complement to a range of rugged mountains in this Bob Ross setting on canvas."
"Bob Ross puts a lonesome cabin in the middle of a snowy setting as an unexpected place of respite for the weary traveler."
"A lake and some tall trees pay homage to a commanding mountain in the background, as a cabin stands nearby -- a classic Bob Ross creation."
"Bob Ross paints a golden field of sparse pines and other greenery inside the unique shape of a tapered rectangle with cut-in corners."
"A path of cacti and rocks lead right up to a bold sun setting in a dramatic red sky, all from the delicate motions of Bob Ross\u2019 paint brush."
"Guest painter Steve Ross uses lots of color in this stirring depiction of giant peaks behind foothills opening onto a smooth lake."
"A real Bob Ross favorite \u2013 he uses blue and red highlights to accentuate the drama and beauty of a snow-bound cabin at sunset."
"Bob Ross begins with a black canvas to create this startling rendition of a snowy landscape with the notorious lights of the northern sky."
Season 9 - The Joy of Painting
"Join Bob Ross as he creates a beautiful snowy landscape with stately evergreens, warmed by winter sun hanging low over distant mountains."
"Feel the salt spray as Bob Ross paints ocean waves under abundant clouds, rolling in to spend their energy against sand and rock."
"Warm light in sky and clouds makes this a glowing, fiery landscape -- Bob Ross teaches the use of his technique on black canvas."
"Majestic snow-covered peaks and evergreens loom over lush green grasslands as Bob Ross takes you into his world of natural beauty."
"A beautiful mountain painting in an oval \u2013 with a surprising twist! \u2013 as Bob Ross creates a lonely cabin embraced by lovely lacy bushes."
"Bob Ross teaches us the secret of his wet-on-wet technique while creating a restless ocean crashing against a rugged rocky coastline."
"Strong mountains, proud evergreens and luxurious trees and bushes hug the velvety smooth foothills in today\u2019s Bob Ross masterpiece."
"A weathered fence guards a rustic country home shadowed by tall trees as Bob Ross creates another masterpiece in his unique style."
"Join Bob Ross for a happy half-hour as he creates one of his beautiful mountain and evergreen scenes, complete with path and ample bushes."
"Bob Ross brings springtime to the canvas, all around a tiny cabin set in a landscape of hazy green hills and cottony clouds."
"Today Bob Ross creates a fantastic southwestern mountain scene with spectacular red peaks looming over a lazy, tree-lined stream."
"Majestic mountains reign over a colorful seascape as Bob Ross creates one of the most challenging masterpieces ever painted in a half-hour."
"Bob Ross employs a unique technique, using both black and white base coats, to create a happy little stream tumbling down a rocky meadow."
Season 10 - The Joy of Painting
"A real Bob Ross classic \u2013 the majestic snow covered mountain, rolling foothills, leafy trees and bushes and serene lake."
"Just a few quick, color-filled strokes and a little shanty with crisp evergreens and bright meadow appear \u2013 paint with Bob Ross!"
"A mellow background gives way to chunky rock formations, trickling waterways and happy trees in this Bob Ross landscape."
"Take a walk with Bob Ross today, over a sweet old footbridge, across a little creek a\u2019splashin\u2019 through the woodlands."
"Today\u2019s beautiful Bob Ross painting focuses on both an awesome cloudy sky, and a turbulent sea of crashing waves."
"A virtual explosion of color as Bob Ross paints blazing orange and gold trees below a ridge of magnificent mountain peaks."
"What a delicate view of polar beauty; Bob Ross taps his brushes to make subtle hills, sleeping grasses and leafless trees."
"A frozen pond and snow drifts would be so cold, except for the warm rich sky and late autumn foliage in this Bob Ross painting."
"Guest painter Steve Ross delights us with his oval landscape \u2013 blue skies, frosty mountain, fresh foothills and polished lake."
"The beach is such a lovely sight as afternoon comes to an end \u2013 Bob Ross paints this seascape with gold, purple and orange hues."
"Prepare the canvas just-so, and in the end you\u2019ll have a Bob Ross landscape -- mighty mountain, homey cabin and meadow -- in a window!"
"A cold mountain-scape, but Bob Ross adds a vibrant sun high in the sky, and your snowy paradise is warm and cozy."
"Kick off your shoes and let the fragrant grassy meadow tickle your toes \u2013 a fantastic Bob Ross summertime landscape to enjoy."
Season 11 - The Joy of Painting
"A cool blue waterway winds effortlessly from the far away high peaks and evergreens; enjoy today\u2019s Bob Ross landscape."
"Bob Ross paints an old weathered dwelling today, burrowed deep in the snow and lined with protective evergreens."
"Bob Ross paints a majestic stand of evergreen trees overlooking tiny, sweet little flowers growing on a sloping knoll."
"Find yourself in a place just like this on a warm summer day \u2013 Bob Ross creates clear sky and shade trees by a nice swimming spot."
"An immense ice-draped mountain is Bob Ross\u2019 main focus, with grass covered sloping hills and chipper waterfall too!"
"A happy little winterscape, inside a happy little oval \u2013 with homey barn and lacy bushes -- another real Bob Ross classic."
"Misty background evergreens and cheerful blue sky give Bob Ross the perfect setting for this lovely birch tree painting."
"Bob Ross uses a golden selection of colors in this gorgeous fall mountain scene, all within a cleverly different oval shape on canvas."
"The soft sky and snow-blanketed ground give this cozy barn a quiet place to sleep and dream awhile; Bob Ross paint brushes make it happen."
"A fantastic Bob Ross seascape today \u2013 enjoy the golden, pink and mauve tones in the sky and crashing waves."
"Even a tiny shanty by the pond can be a warm place in the dead of winter \u2013 Bob Ross shows us how to make a snow scene glow!"
"Follow the old dirt road to that quaint country barn nestled in nature\u2019s greenery \u2013 Bob Ross paints your destination today."
"Supple sky, fluffy trees and playful rushing river are created by Bob Ross, simply from correcting common mistakes on canvas."
Season 12 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross paints a beautiful monochromatic scene with delicate leafless trees and rich grassy meadow cuddling a sweet cottage."
"With his trusty brushes, Bob Ross takes us to a beautiful lake hideaway nestled below a towering mountain."
"Spend a relaxing half-hour with Bob Ross as he paints a mountain scene with soft, sloping grass cover, crystal lake and rocky banks."
"A real viewer favorite, Bob Ross teaches us how to capture the exciting colors of autumn with trees, trees and trees galore!"
"Watch and learn as Bob Ross creates crashing waves in this moonlit setting \u2013 see what a simple black canvas can do."
"In this painting, Bob Ross presents a most statuesque ridge of peaks overlooking a little country home by the cove."
"So quickly, Bob Ross paints this beautiful and peaceful mountain valley \u2013 so many layers and layers on the canvas."
"Bob Ross shares with us a truly unique \u2018frame\u2019 idea as he creates a fantastic river with rapids on black canvas."
"Palm trees sway in the warm breeze as Bob Ross teaches us to paint a beautiful, sunny exotic little ocean masterpiece."
"Spend a half-hour with Bob Ross as he demonstrates the creation of the perfect brown-toned mountain scene \u2013 warm and wonderful!"
"Bob Ross\u2019 project for today is an almost feathery, tranquil landscape setting at the base of a towering mountain."
"Watch as Bob Ross treats us to a mountain lake masterpiece enclosed in an oval \u2013 with bountiful foliage and bushes bursting out!"
"Bob Ross\u2019 icy-blue mountains, evergreens and lacy-like bush clusters capture the mood of a cold snowy day."
Season 13 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross\u2019 brushes captivate the graceful and uncommon qualities of distant sloping hills and a peaceful nearby lake."
"A snowy mountain range, an ice-covered lake, and a lost little cabin combine to create a wintry testimony to Bob Ross\u2019 artistic magic."
"Bob Ross creates an innocent creek that slices its way across a landscape of color in a setting dreams are made of."
"The day\u2019s sun is almost gone, but Bob Ross finds what\u2019s left of it in this unusual blend of late afternoon tones."
"Bob Ross\u2019 painting technique is at its best as he shows a rugged group of mountains peering down upon nature\u2019s lovely greenery."
"Bob Ross finds and captures on canvas the haunting loveliness of stalwart trees shielding a lonesome brook from the light."
"The undaunted splendor of sky, trees and lake has never been more beautifully portrayed than in this joyful Bob Ross creation."
"The mountains and the sky sing in harmony as Bob Ross\u2019 brushes tell a story of breathtaking hue and depth."
"Bob Ross uses beautiful shades of green that burst forth in this exciting and realistic display of nature\u2019s wonder."
"Snowy peaks point toward the heavens as Bob Ross surrounds all of this with a happy gathering of landscape finery."
"Bob Ross\u2019 easy method once again reveals the splendor of a little farm home in a winter wonderland and soft purple hills."
"Bob Ross\u2019 dramatic use of blue tones results in an emotional depiction of stark waves at night \u2013 all tucked inside an oval shape."
"Bob Ross finds a barely visible lake being hugged by snowy mountains and some of nature\u2019s finest greenery."
Season 14 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross will enchant you as he captures, on the canvas, a bright and cheery mountain scene right out of your dreams."
"A timid little brook winds its way through a golden grassland created by Bob Ross\u2019 precise, but easy-to-learn technique."
"The mysterious night sky is pierced by amazing lunar rays which Bob Ross uses to illuminate a mighty mountain."
"Faraway peaks appear to almost float amongst the clouds as Bob Ross creates a gently flowing river splashing into the foreground."
"Get caught up in the magic as you watch Bob Ross produce a snowy summit and beautiful lake surrounded by shades of greenery."
"Bob Ross creates palm trees that yield to stiff sea breezes as a sky of ominous clouds loom in the background."
"Bob Ross\u2019 striking color contrasts create a scene that appears to thaw under the bright sun of a late winter\u2019s day."
"Share the excitement of discovering a path leading to the edge of a quiet river \u2013 in an oval! \u2013 with favorite painter Bob Ross."
"Guest painter Steve Ross enhances the beauty of this lovely mountain scene with a splashing waterfall amidst lovely fall foliage."
"Bob Ross chooses to make a pond in the middle of a darkened forest the subject of today\u2019s mood-evoking creation."
"The delicate use of beautiful shades of lavender and green makes this glimpse inside a forest, with Bob Ross, an enjoyable challenge."
"Bob Ross combines the simple elements of a sky, a mountain, and a lake to produce this ultra-soft tribute to nature."
Season 15 - The Joy of Painting
"The stillness of a winter\u2019s day, with happy sun shining bright in the sky, can be beautifully captured on canvas, and Bob Ross shows you how."
"Bob Ross uses a little imagination and lots of color to create this soft, luxurious early autumn lake scene."
"Old-time memories are conjured up by the sight of this lonesome big barn that Bob Ross places on the edge of a forest."
"Bob Ross uncovers the extraordinary loveliness of nature, reflected in the mirror surface of a lake in front of a mountain."
"The effective use of striking blue tones allows Bob Ross to produce a winter night scene, complete with sweet cabin, inside an oval!"
"The versatility of Bob Ross\u2019 easy method is dramatically illustrated by this mighty tide crashing into a rock-lined shore."
"Bob Ross creates a fisherman\u2019s hideaway in the form of a secluded shanty-home nestled beside a smooth little lake."
"A spunky little river meanders its way through an autumn hillside bursting with splashes of color, as only Bob Ross can create!"
"Bob Ross gently places a little old church house upon a bed of snow in front of giant frost-covered mountains in the background."
"Bob Ross allows the greenery of a deep grove to be barely visible in the light of early morning \u2013 all tucked inside an oval."
"The splendor of fall is produced by Bob Ross\u2019 red, orange and brown grasses and foliage, softly complimenting a rugged little shed."
"A dark mere almost completely shielded from the sunlight by a thick growth of soft leafy trees is Bob Ross\u2019 lovely painting today."
"Bob Ross paints a still lake that captures the reflection of some trees as a range of rugged mountains stand guard in the background."
Season 16 - The Joy of Painting
"Take a little walk with Bob Ross as he shows you how to create the same mountain landscape setting in both summer and winter!"
"Out of nowhere appears an unexpected find -- a weathered cottage in the deep forest that Bob Ross places there, in an already perfect setting."
"Imagine stumbling upon this little surprise cabin and shed, nestled in the snow drifts! Bob Ross shows you how easy it is to paint."
"Real or imaginary? It doesn\u2019t matter which as Bob Ross captures a great mountain and forest scene on specially cut plywood!"
"Bob Ross shows you how two beautiful mountain and evergreen oval scenes can be harmonized into one memorable masterpiece."
"Guest artist John Thamm easily creates a realistic face and head form on a shellacked surface with just a few intriguing strokes."
"Bob Ross creates a breathtaking, misty wooded scene with tiny trickling creek that\u2019s fast and easy to recreate."
"Bob Ross\u2019 gentle brush strokes create bending palm trees on the edge of a sea coast, just before the water reaches its high point."
"You\u2019ll love this super big snow-bundled country structure by Bob Ross \u2013 it\u2019s in an oval, and watch for a little surprise too!"
"Steve Ross captures a real \u2018dreamscape\u2019 on canvas -- soft rolling hills, birch trees and pretty lake; paint along and add your own touches."
"One of nature\u2019s perfect creations -- the misty, splashing waterfall -- is painted by Bob Ross, in all its magnificent splendor."
"See the amazing glacier-like peaks Bob Ross creates in this icy panorama; grab your painting knife and do this one too."
"Watch and learn as Bob Ross unfolds this beautifully soft wooded scene with gently rippling brook, all inside an oval shape."
Season 17 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross creates an oval scene with warm brown and gold tones that captures the essence of a lonely forest river."
"Travel with Bob Ross along the country back roads as he paints a quiet little home on a meadow with a beautiful, serene sky."
"Surround yourself with this gorgeous Bob Ross painting; there\u2019s plenty of thick, velvety green grass, trees and foliage to just lose yourself in!"
"Such magnificent power and vibrant color in the sea and sky! Watch Bob Ross as he tries to tame this beautiful ocean painting."
"Looking back to those \u2018days of old\u2019, Bob Ross paints a delightful little fishing village with luscious leafy trees in an oval."
"Winter scenes don\u2019t have to be cold! With a touch of the sun\u2019s warmth, Bob Ross turns the chill of winter into a golden day."
"Grandest of mountains overlooking an incredibly breathtaking waterfall \u2026 a Bob Ross painting you must see to believe!"
"A tribute to all Bob Ross friends in New York City, this painting is simply full of exciting cut-out shapes and surprises!"
"For as far as the eye can see -- beautiful rolling hills, birch trees and soft watery reflections; undoubtedly guest artist Steve Ross at his finest."
"Rich colors and abundant softness make this such a beautiful Bob Ross painting; detailed mill and waterwheel make it special."
"Haven\u2019t you always imagined walking through one of Bob Ross\u2019 beautiful landscape paintings? Watch as he makes a dream come true!"
"Bob Ross paints the very best of nature -- stately evergreens and cool, still waters standing before a glorious brown mountain. A real beauty!"
"Guest artist Dana Jester creates a Bob Ross-style mountain scene with dignified foothills and evergreens, and super vibrant bushes."
Season 18 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross illustrates the illusion of infinity as mountain and water fade into the distance, created in a lovely half-oval painting."
"Rich, soft colors prove that fall has arrived! Join Bob Ross as he paints a quiet pond and surrounding foliage preparing themselves for a season of slumber."
"Travel to a lonely hidden cabin in the frozen mountainous north country with Bob Ross -- another black canvas masterpiece to fall in love with."
"Shades of luscious red, lavender and gold surround a bubbling brook flowing through a serene oval painting by television\u2019s favorite painter Bob Ross."
"Enjoy a casual stroll down the pathway overlooking a quiet pond and breathe in the cool crisp fall air! Bob Ross takes you through this magnificent season."
"Join Bob Ross as he paints some of Nature\u2019s most awesome creations \u2013 magnificent snow-covered mountains! Beauty you just have to experience."
"Stroll into the quiet stillness of early daybreak with Bob Ross as he captures the essence of a sun shrouded forest on canvas."
"Snow-covered trees and shrubs appear to be dressed in finest lace among the soft glows of winter. A unique Bob Ross painting!"
"Such magnificence in sky and sea! Watch the creative brushes of Bob Ross as he paints an ocean view of incredible beauty."
"Bob Ross creates a gentle brook flowing from one oval to another, under the protective branches and foliage of stately birch trees."
"Enjoy this fascinating experience of watching Bob Ross bring these deep dark woods alive; incredible magic on a partial black canvas."
"Drink in the astonishing beauty of a spectacular desert as you ride down a well traveled road with the amazing brushes of Bob Ross."
"A gentle bubbling stream in the midst of the forest \u2013 Bob Ross invites you to share the serenity of Nature\u2019s escape with this delightful painting."
Season 19 - The Joy of Painting
"Experience the mystique of snowflakes gently tumbling in the silence of the forest. Join Bob Ross for this lovely winter masterpiece!"
"Relax with Bob Ross as the perfect picnic spot emerges from his paint filled brushes \u2013 quiet peaks on a tranquil lake and luscious green velvety grass."
"Travel with Bob Ross into an evening display of glowing, magnificent setting sun. Another unique oval painting you\u2019ll have to see."
"Join Bob Ross at an old log cabin nestled deep in the powdery woods! An intriguing yet simple painting just beckoning you to paint it yourself."
"Warm skies, pleasant valley and purple misty mountains \u2013 the perfect place to pitch your tent and enjoy the view with painter Bob Ross."
"Drink in the breathtaking beauty of spectacular cascades deep in the timberland. Bob Ross invites you create this astonishing scenic display."
"Cross a frozen stream under the shelter of a grand covered bridge and enjoy the tranquility of a beautiful Bob Ross winter\u2019s day."
"Enjoy the warmth of the day in that quiet spot beside the rippling stream and gentle breezes \u2013 Bob Ross creates a painting so vibrant and real."
"Leisurely stroll along the beach and breaking wave with Bob Ross and experience the calm of day\u2019s end under a colorful setting sun \u2026 in an oval!"
"Take a pleasant walk through the forest with Bob Ross and breathe in that crisp, rain-freshened air \u2013 but be careful of those puddles!"
"Even a cold, frozen snowy afternoon can be displayed with signs of astonishing beauty, as portrayed by Bob Ross in this lovely yet simple scene."
"Come along with Bob Ross as he creates a winter moon hanging over a snow covered farm nestled among the trees \u2013 all on black canvas."
"Towering mountains protect a lovely green river land, where gentle waters flow and silent breezes blow \u2013 another Bob Ross masterpiece to cherish."
Season 21 - The Joy of Painting
"This beautiful lake in the glen will leave you fully rested and at peace with the world; Bob Ross creates a quiet mountain masterpiece."
"Join Bob Ross on a warm winter morning, the surroundings still undisturbed by Nature\u2019s little creatures; enjoy the freshness of a new day not yet awake."
"Travel with Bob Ross to a secluded waterfall deep in the mountains, standing tall and proud. This magnificent scene instills comfort and joy."
"Breaking the silence of a misty morning is a rippling brook through the forest. Join Bob Ross as he takes you to this favorite escape."
"Take a leisurely hike down a weathered pathway with Bob Ross and happen upon an old cabin; create a beautiful oval painting you can be proud of."
"Experience the blissful pleasure of the coldest season under a splendid pastel sky with Bob Ross; enjoy this fabulous mountain masterpiece."
"Paint along with Bob Ross and discover the beauty of a secluded log home with only quiet pond and rustic trees for companionship."
"Come visit the coast with Bob Ross and paint a glorious ocean-scape; enjoy the solitude and gentle rhythm of the waves caressing the shoreline."
"Paint along with Bob Ross and discover what autumn beauty unfolds as those exotic orange and gold colors appear on canvas."
"Travel with Bob Ross to the middle of winter, where shades of indigo create the stark reality of the season. You\u2019d better bundle up for this one!"
"Follow along with Bob Ross as he takes you into the incredible beauty of the dry lands. A unique oval painting for beginners and accomplished artists as well."
"Travel with Bob Ross and enjoy a spectacular view -- this painting presents a fabulous lesson in creating rugged and rocky natural surfaces."
"Bob Ross presents an intriguing painting with an outline of the \u2018sunshine state\u2019, and then creates a lovely beach setting within the borders."
Season 22 - The Joy of Painting
"Feel the soft coolness of late summer air and drink in the beauty of changing colors with Bob Ross as he creates this refreshing masterpiece."
"Melting snow from the mountains creates a rushing flow of water into a valley just awakening for spring. Feel the crisp new season with Bob Ross."
"Join Bob Ross on a painting excursion along this beautiful scenic river \u2013 who knows what abundance of nature\u2019s wealth lies beyond!"
"Travel with Bob Ross to a picturesque spot in the meadow and delight in the discovery of not one, but two serene fishing holes."
"The first snowfall just beyond autumn signals the true beginning of winter -- join Bob Ross as he discovers just such a glorious moment."
"Catch a glimpse of the sun trying to break through shades of soft crimson, shining its golden touch upon the land. Bob Ross creates another black canvas beauty today."
"Bob Ross creates a fantastic and truly unique geometric illusion of depth in today\u2019s lovely vision of pastel mountain magic."
"Bob Ross takes you far into the untouched forest to discover an old country home on a cliff, completely hidden by surrounding foliage."
"Imagine the peace and serenity of a home in the hollow, sheltered from the snow-covered mountains beyond! Travel with Bob Ross to just such a place."
"Bundle up with artist Bob Ross and peer into the north country in the midst of winter; experience a vision in the coldest of azure tones."
"Feast your eyes on this colorful Bob Ross display of nature\u2019s exciting seashore panorama \u2026 beautifully tucked within an oval."
"Team up with Bob Ross and travel back to the days of swimming in that lovely secluded river bend; bring back memories of a forgotten time."
"Take a leisurely stroll with Bob Ross and gather your thoughts in the quiet misty woodlands; this lovely masterpiece is a great lesson in using the knife."
Season 23 - The Joy of Painting
"Soft, serene and near silent, this Bob Ross painting is simple and elegant, with just a lone cabin nestled comfortably into pillows of snow."
"No description"
"Powerful mountains softened with grassy meadows and little evergreens framing a nice shiny mere \u2013 this is a lovely Bob Ross masterpiece."
"Magnificent jewels in an oval \u2013 this Bob Ross painting highlights countless numbers of colors in nature\u2019s sky and foliage."
"Elegant mountain lake, silent and still, reflecting the natural beauty of leafy trees and grasses all around \u2013 a pretty Bob Ross creation."
"Autumn is the threshold to winter, but still with glorious color and warmth in Bob Ross\u2019 trees, sky and buttery ground cover."
"A real viewer favorite! With silky shades pink, mauve and lilac, Bob Ross completes an amazing birch tree landscape."
"A regal vista on canvas, Bob Ross paints incredible mountains and waterfall enclosed by proud evergreens and mossy cliffs."
"Even the oval in this delightful Bob Ross cabin-by-the-river painting cannot contain all the succulent, glorious foliage!"
"A partially blackened canvas is all you need to start creating this dark, mood-filled misty waterfall scene with artist Bob Ross."
"A truly graceful scene, as if floating in air -- icy pond and weather-worn cabin -- is today\u2019s Bob Ross winter landscape."
"Bob Ross paints a breathtakingly beautiful seascape on black canvas today, complete with fierce skies, jagged cliff and raging ocean waves."
"A different kind of oval today! \u2013 Bob Ross paints a pretty, panoramic cold mountain lake scene inside this fun frame."
Season 24 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross teams up with Mother Nature and paints an incredibly awesome sky hovering over fantastic, snow-covered mountains and glass-like reflections."
"In a densely covered spot hidden far from the nearest roadway lies a softly nestled quiet little pond; Bob Ross invites you to take a peek."
"A visit with Bob Ross takes you to a secluded cabin, snuggled deep into the blankety drifts of fluffy snow, far into the frozen mountains."
"Bob Ross employs some of his well-known oval magic to paint a lovely cabin scene situated in a serene, soft little rolling pasture."
"Bob Ross spills an amazing cornucopia of red, brown, green and gold colors into this gorgeous fall mountain masterpiece \u2013 a real audience favorite."
"Join Bob Ross on a clear windless day, where reflections are so smooth they appear to be crystal likenesses of the mountains above."
"Bob Ross takes a detour from the trail and discovers a rarely used trail through country woods."
"Travel deep into the forest with Bob Ross and discover the beauty and serenity of an elegant waterfall."
"Paint along with Steve Ross as he creates a lovely oval painting, a winter landscape surrounding a frozen lake."
"It\u2019s such a tranquil day down at the beach! Join Bob Ross as he paints a lovely little rowboat that awaits its owner\u2019s return."
"Bundle up with Bob Ross and visit the north in the middle of winter! Snow and ice abound in a profusion of beauty."
"Stroll down to the river and cast your line with Bob Ross from the bridge \u2013 join in the fun and paint this masterpiece."
"Bob Ross takes us to an isolated cabin deep in the woods on a cold, snowy winter day."
Season 25 - The Joy of Painting
"Take a stroll with Bob Ross, down to that perfect little fishing spot tucked away from the world, and relish the beauty of the day!"
"Create this extraordinary waterfall with Bob Ross and capture its intriguing magic in a painting you\u2019ll be proud to display anywhere."
"The trees have shed their snow and ice has begun to thaw, Spring will arrive soon in the incredibly beautiful Bob Ross landscape."
"Bob Ross creates a beautiful golden warm waterfall scene, employing a lovely almost watercolor-looking effect. Come join in the fun!"
"Watch guest artist Steve Ross paint an incredibly beautiful, bright and happy mountain scene with fabulous evergreens and foothills."
"In an almost watercolor appearance, Bob Ross paints this amazing secluded waterfall masterpiece with interesting tree and rock formations."
"Venture down a well-traveled pathway with Bob Ross, into this gorgeous Autumn landscape of glorious colors, weather worn fence and trees."
"Hidden far from the highways of the South are lovely wetlands teaming with moss-clad trees and birds; Bob Ross shares a rare glimpse of beauty!"
"From a quiet spot by this smooth-stoned river, join Bob Ross for a very, very distant view of a lovely snow-covered mountain."
"Bob Ross creates a moment in time as the sea finds itself in one of nature\u2019s sudden cloudbursts; experience another oval masterpiece!"
"In the golden glow of sunrise, join Bob Ross for a refreshing look at early morning where anglers work and thrive \u2013 all inside a uniquely framed painting."
"Dry mountains, spiny shrubs and cacti, take a drive deep into the desert with Bob Ross and enjoy this fantastic oval surprise!"
"Bob Ross paints an old gnarly tree and snow-capped fence to mark the line between home and the edge of the winter blanketed forest."
Season 26 - The Joy of Painting
"Take a walk with Bob Ross and experience the quiet motionless beauty of a glassy river as the morning fog hangs onto the distant shore."
"Hike into the expanse of wilderness with Bob Ross and happen upon a quaint little home sitting among softly blowing meadow grasses."
"Follow Bob Ross into a lovely mountain setting with magnificent evergreens, where the first touches of snow appear in the valley."
"Discover a beautiful quiet lake hidden deep in the wilderness \u2013 and just beyond a glorious snow-covered mountain! \u2013 from the magical brushes of Bob Ross."
"Stroll along a wonderful hustling, bubbling river with Bob Ross and enjoy the emergence of springtime blossoms on spectacular trees."
"Travel to the coldest place imaginable with Bob Ross and find a lonely cabin comfortably nestled on the edge of a glassy-smooth frozen pond."
"An incredibly unique Bob Ross painting -- delight in the effects of white and black gesso, discover a birch tree forest perfectly mirrored in the cold stillness of winter."
"Follow along with the brushes of Bob Ross and step into a beautiful mountain oval \u2013 experience the first signs of autumn."
"Bob Ross takes you to a lovely spot deep in the woods where the seclusion, silence and beauty offer serenity to the soul."
"Take a nice walk with Bob Ross along a peacefully flowing river and enjoy a view of gorgeous amethyst mountains and stately trees in the distance."
"Join artist Bob Ross under turbulent skies as the windy waves rush to crash upon the rocks \u2013 all within a pleasing oval shape."
"Find yourself in a gorgeous late-afternoon mountain masterpiece by Bob Ross -- breathtaking purples skies, defined evergreens and smooth lake."
"Sneak away into the cold shadows with Bob Ross and enjoy the beauty of a winter night at the foot of a large fierce waterfall."
Season 27 - The Joy of Painting
"Stand back in the shadows with Bob Ross as the last rays of sunshine sparkle on all they touch in this lovely waterside oval on black canvas."
"Visit a lovely mountain setting with Bob Ross, complete with leafy trees and evergreens, and step into a secluded fishing spot just perfect for casting a line."
"Hike into the midst of a snow-covered forest with Bob Ross and enjoy the beauty of leafless trees in slumber and texture you can almost feel."
"Relish the tranquility of valley waters gently falling into a quiet summer mere \u2013 smooth cliffs and trees frame this Bob Ross wonderland."
"Venture into the heart of Americana with Bob Ross and discover the serenity of a snow-covered farmhouse and barn on a cold January day."
"A perfect oval composition! Come along with Bob Ross and see a secluded cottage with wild daisies and birch trees near a small woodland pond."
"Bob Ross invites you to join him at a quaint little mountain-top home with a breathtaking view of distant snow-covered mountains."
"Join television artist Bob Ross and take a peek through the fog of a snowy morning as the awakening sun enters into a new day."
"Travel to the tropics with Bob Ross, stroll along the palm tree shores and drink in the soul-cleansing beauty of the sea. An oval masterpiece you\u2019ll enjoy."
"Enjoy guest artist Dana Jester and his dark soft forest; discover the brilliance of the sun\u2019s glow bouncing off a quiet stream and majestic oaks."
"Experience the serenity and silence of a fresh undisturbed snowfall with Bob Ross when he takes you to a lovely cabin deep in northern country."
"Bob Ross travels with his paint brushes into the density of an evening grove and discovers the beauty of a gentle, hushed rippling river."
"Take a stroll into the woods with Bob Ross and experience the reflections of a jeweled sun bursting into the soft, vibrant day."
Season 28 - The Joy of Painting
"Fantastic faux woodgrain! Hike into the wilderness with Bob Ross and discover a well worn path leading back to his favorite fishing spot."
"Travel into the unknown with Bob Ross and discover the beauty of a lovely cabin, fresh fallen snow and warm, colorful skies in an oval."
"Look out over the valley lake with Bob Ross and view truly majestic mountains and evergreens under the calm of soft, muted skies."
"A real Bob Ross favorite \u2013 such a unique composition of shadowy forest and delightfully twinkling sunbeams piercing the darkness."
"Walk along an old fence into the autumn country with Bob Ross and rest under the golden branches of a majestic shade tree."
"Bundle up with Bob Ross when you visit this towering ice mountain as it protects the misty falls and chilly lake in the valley."
"Explore the back woods with Bob Ross and happen upon an old, forgotten shanty hidden away in the densest of undergrowth."
"Capture an oval vision of tranquility in the forest with Bob Ross; discover a happy waterfall as it empties into a shallow stony stream."
"Enter into the realm of the far north with Bob Ross and view first-hand the glory of a cold, cold snow-blanketed wintertime landscape scene."
"Experience the wonder of a late summer\u2019s day with Bob Ross where shades of lavender and golden, warm fall colors unite in an array of fabulous beauty."
"Stroll along the beach at sunset with Bob Ross and feel the gentle breezes blow as the waves softly kiss the shore in this oval masterpiece."
"Look into the distance with Bob Ross and experience the peace and quiet of a stoic mountain overlooking a smooth-as-glass wilderness lake."
"Bob Ross takes you to a meadow where evening breezes blow upon soft grasses and where you feel warmth from a rustic little cabin."
Season 29 - The Joy of Painting
"Take a walk with Bob Ross down a little lakeside path in a secluded place; you\u2019ll delight in the discovery of a small uninhabited island."
"Step into an oval classic with Bob Ross and get inspired by the gorgeous browns and oranges of undoubtedly the most beautiful season of all."
"An interesting way to frame two pictures! Bob Ross paints a mountain landscape from luscious summer to beautiful winter, both on one canvas."
"Capture a vision of glory with Bob Ross as you view the brilliance of afternoon sunlight peeking over a distant mountain top."
"Take a trail through the meadow with Bob Ross and enjoy magnificent warmth and beauty of the sunlight\u2019s glory as it rests gently upon an old barn."
"Guest artist Steve Ross invites you to experience the refreshing beauty of a highland lake and its gentle splashing waterfall."
"Take a stroll with Bob Ross deep into the swamp and breathe in the fragrances of damp earth and moss-filled trees on a rill bank."
"Hike into the mountains with Bob Ross and stumble upon a cozy well-worn shack amidst the solitude of the wilderness."
"Visit this gusty, sandy beach with Bob Ross and see how the approaching menacing clouds hug the great sea and sky ahead."
"Follow guest artist Annette Kowalski as she creates a beautiful hanging clay pot full of leaves and flowers using the Bob Ross painting method."
"Travel with Bob Ross to the mountains of the north and marvel at the sight of a quaint cabin nestled into a lovely winter landscape."
"Join Bob Ross and experience the amazing beauty of the \u2018northern lights\u2019 phenomenon as they dance across the dark, dark sky \u2013 this time in an oval!"
"Explore the gorgeous mountain countryside with Bob Ross, and learn to paint a perfectly realistic-looking woodgrain background so simply!"
Season 30 - The Joy of Painting
"Join Bob Ross and experience the magic of early morning in an oval, as gentle trickles and splashes of a happy stream pierce the silence."
"Bob Ross creates the illusion of luscious textured wood as you are invited to step into another dimension of mountains overlooking a quiet northern river."
"Today Bob Ross paints a warm and elegant snow-kissed scene with a little cabin snuggled deeply into the embrace of foothills, evergreens and bushes."
"Go on a real nature hike with Bob Ross \u2013 follow the overgrown path deep in the woods and enjoy the silent beauty of the surrounding stillness."
"Step into a snow-covered forest with Bob Ross, a scene that\u2019s been gently warmed by the beauty of winter\u2019s rustic touches of color."
"Bob Ross invites you along to enjoy a fabulous mountain lake view with layers of soft hills and trees shrouded in heavy clouded haze."
"A cleverly constructed shape on canvas! Peek through the panes with artist Bob Ross and share a beautiful snowy day outside."
"Visit a quaint Bob Ross shanty and experience the tranquility of mysterious distant mountains and an inviting pond just outside the door."
"Join guest artist Steve Ross today -- experience the magnificence of splendid mountains and glassy lake embraced by leafy trees and bushes."
"Roll up your trousers and walk the beach with Bob Ross; enjoy a sky full of clouds and waves crashing carelessly upon the rocks."
"Painter Bob Ross invites you to enjoy the last of winter\u2019s snowy touch on canvas, as mountains and valleys begin to emerge from their slumber."
"Enjoy the golden radiance of a setting sun with Bob Ross as night hastens over a softly blended knoll \u2013 you\u2019ll be home at last, just down trail\u2019s end."
"Join Bob Ross in the mountains of the east, and bask in the breathtaking serenity of a waterfall bubbling and splashing, nestled among the evergreens."
Season 31 - The Joy of Painting
"Bob Ross takes you to a beautiful lake in high country -- catch a glimpse of magnificent mountains, images echoed in the crystal clear water below."
"Bob Ross invites you to experience the anticipation of winter\u2019s white blanket, moving in to create a soft, delicate draping of the cabin landscape."
"Join Bob Ross for a stroll down yonder by the river, relax in the serenity of an expansive yet quiet sky with proud evergreens looking on."
"As the foliage reaches its peak of autumn beauty, experience the tranquility of nice meadow, pond and happy birch trees \u2013 all painted the Bob Ross way!"
"Soft misty background, sweet snow-kissed cabin and rich trees and bushes \u2013 all nestled down inside a winter oval painting by Bob Ross."
"Gently rolling mountains make an amazing backdrop for this Bob Ross masterpiece; a winding stream and textured ground vegetation provide the rest."
"Take a drive into the country with Bob Ross and pass through an old covered bridge into a landscape bursting with soft fall foliage."
"In this oval painting, Bob Ross creates a wonderful scene where an old fence follows a trail to the edge of the woods."
"Drive through mountain country with Bob Ross and happen upon a ridge of thick, rich evergreens gracing the hollow below."
"Bob Ross invites you for a walk on the shore; soothing waves rolling in from the sea to the plam trees \u2013 all in a delightful seashell shape on canvas."
"Guest artist Steve Ross extends an invitation to join him on the banks of a crystal loch for a view of majestic mountain peaks."
"It\u2019s a cold, cold winter day but Bob Ross offers a warm and roomy barn as refuge from the snowy blanket covering the farm."
"Step into the natural beauty of an overgrown colorful mead and enjoy the peace and soft tranquility you get from Bob Ross\u2019 painting technique."